quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2019

Herbs, Grains, Spices

I love shopping in stores or fairs that sell herbs, grains, spices, dried fruits and stuff. I love to see the colors and feel the aromas. I am curious about the characteristics of each of these foods. I’m always researching around. I have learned a lot from old and new books, listening to people who understand the subject and even consulting the internet. There are innumerable and wonderful properties of food. They can nourish and balance you, both physically and emotionally. I like to use the things I learn to prepare teas. In fact, I love tea. I also like to prepare smokers, and make aromatic sachets and solutions. As I really enjoy cooking I also use this knowledge to make my dishes and drinks more delicious and nutritious. But the use of these foods goes further. In each herb or seasoning, each grain or fruit hides magical properties that protect, transport, stimulate, calm and unveil the universe in new states, concepts and shapes. Oh, the sorceress who dwells in me is happy and amazed every time she enters such a shop.

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