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How to make an pendant amulet with herbs

Renata S Tourinho Tilda the Green herbs amulet
Renata S Tourinho Tilda the Green herbs amulet
 I find these glass pendants necklaces beautiful. I usually make these pendants for myself and my friends as little amulets where I put the herbs I like. There are those who believe that some herbs can bring luck and protection. But even if you do not believe in it, I think you'll at least find the idea pretty. Is very simple to make them. You can buy these glass vials at essences stores that sell materials for making perfumes and aromatics. The herbs for these pendants need to be dried herbs. You'll find them in specialty stores or even in markets and fairs.

The pin for the pendant and the cord you can buy in stores that sell materials for jewelry making. So just fill the jar with the herbs and close it well. You can put a drop of super glue on the sides of the stopper to prevent it from popping open. Pierce the cork with the pendant pin, pass it through the cord and that's it. If you believe in the power of the vibration of energy, make a request or a prayer asking for luck and protection!

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